Digital Marketing Trends for 2020

The digital world is constantly changing, we all know that. Keeping up with these changes is critical to success. Discover the digital marketing trends for this new year.

To start our blog, nothing better than to start talking about trends. The evolution of the digital medium is so big and dynamic that marketers and companies need to be always up to date.

Therefore, we will present some of the main trends in digital marketing for the beginning of this decade.

More than ever, personalization will be a golden key to attract attention and captivate. Given the amount of information available, it is normal for consumers to get lost and pay less and less attention to generic ads. To get around this situation and promote an effective solution, the answer lies in personalization. The creation of personalized ads are more likely to succeed since consumers are aware that that content is unique to them.

Having the ability to develop good communication and create engagement with customers in real time is a strategy that can bring quite surprising results. Providing immediate response to what consumers are looking for can be accomplished through live chat, chatbot or others.

Social networks are no longer just means of communicating the product / service and have also become means of selling. It may not be so obvious yet, but there are more and more consumers making their purchases directly on social media platforms. E-commerce now has a great opportunity to sell its products directly through platforms such as Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest.

Being number 0 now is the goal. Zero position has become the major objective to be achieved by companies. Also known as featured snippets, it is a text box that contains information that responds directly and objectively to a specific search with a direct link to the source.

“Content is king.” How many times have we heard this term? The truth is that this statement remains more real than ever. Offering quality content in addition to creating a greater and better relationship with the consumer, increases the possibility of achieving good positioning in search engines.

Regarding visual content, the trend will not be much different from what we saw last year. The video will continue to be a tool of great relevance and the live video will start to have more and more prominence. Results of recent studies have shown that Instagram live and Facebook live are able to retain three times more users’ attention than edited videos.

This year, augmented reality is expected to exceed the popularity of virtual reality. The integration of this tool in the companies’ strategies makes the user experience more interactive and differentiated.

Having information is not enough. It is necessary to define objectives and know how to choose the best way to analyze it. It is at this stage that Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning can be very valuable resources in data management, in the identification of relevant patterns and in the interpretation of digital trends.

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