Communication tools for working at home.

Facing the scenario that the world is going through, we try to React. in the best possible way, using all the resources that science and human knowledge provide. The consequences of this pandemic will be far-reaching, and it may still be too early to be certain what will change. What is certain is that a lot will change from now on. It’s already changing!

The world is going through a delicate moment. The new coronavirus that emerged in the city of Wuhan is devastating the world. There are already more than 170,000 confirmed cases worldwide and it has fatally affected more than 6700 people.

Given the ease of spreading this virus, many companies, regardless of their size, have already taken appropriate preventive measures recommending that their employees stay at home. For many business areas, the fact that employees, entrepreneurs or others, remain at home does not necessarily mean that the business / work has to stop completely.

In this context, technology can be a strong ally and become essential to help companies survive. Thus, there is an urgent need to find solutions that facilitate distance communication between entrepreneurs, employees, suppliers, customers, coworkers, among all.

With this article we intend to show you four possible solutions that can be used from home and that can help you to continue working effectively.



free software for online communication

Skype is free software that allows online communication via video and voice. It can be used on a computer, tablet or mobile phone, allows screen sharing and it is also possible to send documents (photos, videos, graphics, among others). To create an account, you only need to have an email.



free tool for meeting rooms

Whereby is a tool that allows the creation of meeting rooms. In its free version it allows videoconferencing for up to 4 participants. In addition to sharing voice and / or video, it also allows the sharing of screens, files and also a chat. One of the great advantages of this tool is that you do not need to register, just share the link to access the room and the quality is excellent.



free software for meeting rooms

Zoom is software that also allows the creation of meeting rooms with integration with Google or Exchange calendars. In your free plan, it is possible to receive up to 100 participants with unlimited individual meetings, but with a time limit (40 minutes) for group meetings. Here you can also share content and conduct your video conference with multi-screen video. To use Zoom it is necessary to register and the organiser has to send the meeting room link to the other participants.



software for meeting rooms

Roundee is software based on videoconferences and with numerous options. This software is supported by several browsers (Google, Safari, Firefox and Opera). The free plan allows you to receive up to 14 participants with a permanent url and file sharing. It also includes some advanced options such as recording meetings, recording notes and also allows you to download video or audio. This is one of the most complete tools that also allows you to associate it with other communication tools like Slack.

As you can see, there are lots of options with free plans that you can test until you find out which tool is the most appropriate for your needs. The power to adjust to complex scenarios gives us a strong chance to evolve and learn.

This is the moment to React.




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