The cost of developing a website depends on several factors. Each project is developed to fulfil the specific needs of each company. However, it is necessary to take into account that naturally there are more complex projects than others. Elements such as the design, the number of languages, the inclusion of an e-commerce platform or other technical specifications are decisive for the definition of the price. If you have questions about your project, talk to us.

Having a responsive website, adapted to different means of access is fundamental and imperative today. So React. is concerned with developing appropriate layouts and adjusted to access on any type of device.

We mostly use PHP and MySQL programming languages, and we use the WordPress platform. WordPress is used for both website development and online stores.

Yes, we are able to develop websites, applications and online stores for any business area, regardless of the size of your company.

Yes, being the website developed by React. who better than ourselves to make possible changes that are of interest to our client. All future changes will be previously budgeted or stipulated from the beginning of their execution.

Of course yes. Upon completion, the website will be entirely yours.

Yes, all websites need to have a domain and hosting. In a simple way, the domain is the name that you give to your website (www.nameofmysite.pt) and the accommodation refers to the “place” where all the contents of the website will be stored. If you still do not have domain and / or hosting for your website, we provide this service. If you already have it and want to keep it, no problem, we can still develop your site.

Yes, our websites have an accessible backoffice for possible content changes. In addition, when delivering the final project, we provide training to make this task easier.

Do you want to carry out your project and don’t know how?

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